The Ways to Successful Shipping

In importing or exporting goods from one place to another, especially so if the points of origin and distribution are two different countries, the shippers, the exporter and the importer must comply with the shipping terms set by the two countries. When the shipping regulations have not been followed, the movement of the products may not be allowed.
The shipping terms set for exportation and importation are different and the shippers, including the shipping companies, must meet the requirements set forth by the agencies responsible for controlling the inbound and outbound movements of the goods. When getting the service of shipping companies, like FedEx or UPS, certain documents must be provided before the transit of goods is allowed. Shipping documents include commercial invoice, also called CI, certificate of origin, cargo declaration and certificates, such as those from NAFTA.
What is a CI? This is a document that is considered to be the basic document in international shipping. It provides information about how the item was purchased, who purchased it, who sold it and how it was paid for. Other information about the buyer and the seller must be filled up in the form, including their names and addresses. The certificate of origin, on the other hand, may or may not be required, depending upon the point of distribution and the type of cargo that you are going to send. This gives information as to the country where the item was manufactured. The certificates of trade agreement also depend on the country of origin and distribution. This certificate may allow the import or export of the same types of goods over a certain period of time to and from the same countries.
Shipping terms set by the two countries are very particular to the type of goods in transit. A specific description of the goods must be given because they affect the type of transit and the types of documents that will be needed. There are different categories for the commodities being transported, such as chemicals, plants or animals, medical devices, packages with suspected pathogens, and perishable shipments which may include foods and medicines. Generally, the actions taken by customs agents depend primarily on the types of goods. The shipping of goods from one country to another also comes with taxation, which is also set by customs. The rates of the tariffs are also indicated in the shipping regulations.
To ensure a successful shipment, one must secure the correct and complete documents containing the appropriate information. The proper containers and packaging must also be considered to ensure the safety of the packages.

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